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Xrv virtual environment was designed and built for traders and creators.   
The key idea behind the platform is to bring all aspect of the Blockchain environment together including new technology and features  Levels of access to features is based on holders ballence of xrv 

The marketplace will have a variety of features for users to utilize in the creation of all aspects of design

All charts and tools are programmable to serve the users preferences
Choose what data you want to visual stream.
And is implemented with a simple API structure universally adapted in the xrvirtual environment

The plan is to have the widely adaptability to use XRVIRTUAL as a sideload option to plug in directly to your exchange of choice. Will be a simple API

 At xrv we believe that the future of the VR landscape is decentralization.

 Even with all of the hype surrounding metaverse projects we believe we can build towards a better future, not just as a VR landscape but as a community collectively working towards one goal, free enterprise for everybody with no limits.

 Your servers, your content, your rewards.
We're just here to get the ball rolling.

 Not only do we believe in a better tomorrow for the future of the VR landscape through decentralization we also recognize that ripple net based tokens lack one key element others seem to take for granted, simple easy to use open access charting tools for the ripple xrp ledger.

 We don't think we should stop at the run of the mill cookie cutter platform tools either we want to bring a brand new twist to the world of free market crypto trading, 3 dimensional technical analysis. Live visual data streams . Pop up hud notifications programed to users preferences 

 The old way of doing things works, but only to a point. Market action isn't two dimensional price, volume and trend are equivalent to height width and length of the navigable 3rd dimension we live in every day.

 Adding a 3 dimensional perspective the world of technical analysis we believe it will make it easier to bring to light the hardest thing to chart,  thats time itself

XRV Utility token minted

XRV token minted on the xrp ledger

Learn More31/12/2021

Announcement of our project

Created #XRVIRTUAL handel. Tweeted first post highlighting xrv virtual dex Metaverse

Learn More31/12/2021

Implementation of aframe environment

Sandbox environment framework

Learn More05/01/2022


You can add any feature you want or edit the ones that are already listed.

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XRVIRTUAL Marketplace

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Todd Osmond

President CEO

Creator of xrvirtual $xrv

Elizabeth Newman